a football & barbeque story


a football & barbeque night is not something special, and I don't tend to carry a camera with me all the time, really. this time, however, I threw the fuji x-pro1 in my bag, expecting to find an interesting lighting situation, what with a barbeque night held at a dimly-lit porch and a big glowing television screen tuned in to the euro 2012 football matches.

I waited for the night to fall properly, set the iso to 3200, the aperture at f2.2 (small nitpick of the fuji, you turn the aperture dial to f2 but it keeps selecting f2.2 - not much of a difference) and the shutter speed at 1/60. I could immediately see the images came out underexposed, so I turned to 1/30 after a while, keeping in mind I would have to seriously push them on post-processing. all of the following images were shot with the fuji x-pro1 and the fujinon 18mm/f2, in raw format. I converted the raw files to dng through the latest adobe dng converter, then I processed the dng files, pushing the outdoor photos (all apart from the first one, that is) at least one stop, effectively going straight into iso 6400-12800 territory. the close-up portraits are all pushed at least two stops. I am really impressed with the high iso images this (aps-c, let's not forget) camera produces.

...now, on to food, football and beers.  

burger time

the guy you always want in your company

cats enjoy a nap after eating

relaxation time

going really close-up