aqua pix on land

more shots with the lomo aqua pix, all taken on land. this camera is designed for underwater use and its focus point is set at 1m or something, therefore focused photos are practically out of the question. even when underwater, it is nearly impossible to get a properly focused photo, as I observed in my first outing with the camera. it's no nikonos, but it is a fun camera to use, and dirt cheap (5$ off ebay). the film/developer combination contributes to the grittiness of the resulting images. after four different rolls, I have to say that rollei retro 400s (supposedly the same formula as the old agfa apx 400) does not like my favourite developer, diafine. I thought diafine was the ultimate solution, but I've been getting really foggy results with some films, namely the rollei retro 400s, the fuji neopan 100ss and also the fuji neopan 400. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I know I'll keep diafine away from these films.

[lomo aqua pix underwater camera | rollei retro 400s | october 2012]