night roaming pt II

inspired by todd hido, I tried some night shots back in march 2012. they came out interesting, so I tried another film roll in june. this time, however, I placed the resulting images aside, expecting to shoot some more in the following days. this never happened. summer came and went, autumn brought new projects and an exhibition and now here I am, the year is ending, I am mainly shooting large format and I don't think I'll continue this little project (at least on the 6x9 format). the night lighting transforms the suburban scenery quite a bit, and driving around in quiet, empty roads can be quite rewarding. now, the right way to go about doing this is using the largest format available, a tripod and long exposures. I wasn't really in the mood of setting up a tripod, so I used the fuji gw690 and relied on slow handheld exposures and the latitude of medium format film.

all of the following images were shot on fuji pro 400h film. they came out inevitably underexposed, so I pushed the film a bit during scanning.