thodoris markou - on the road


…on the road, the one jack kerouac glorified, the one stephen shore photographed. on the road, a journey without a destination, without schedule. a journey taken for the sake of journeying, for the sights promised. an odyssey without ithaca, without an end, full of harbors never seen before.

starting in 2010, thodoris markou has been travelling and photographing the greek roads and other parts of the contemporary rural reality. using a cheap plastic camera and color film, he records the greek countryside, the human interventions, lonely buildings, abandoned vehicles, things he encounters as he drives on with the sole purpose of encountering.

the images borne out of these journeys are tinted with the melancholic calmness of the lone traveller, the distancing of the road, the feeling of detachment that stems from wide, open spaces. the lo-fi photographic approach emphasizes the dreamy aura that surrounds any road trip and, at the same time, the road trip that exists in any dream.

six d.o.g.s. (avramiotou 6-8, monastiraki, athens) opening: sunday, 2nd of december 2012 duration: 02/12/2012 - 16/12/2012


opening night includes: live performance by the noise figures and wheatman dj set by konstantinos bolas