athens international film festival 2012 - snapshots, part II


...second part of the athens international film festival (opening nights) 2012 - little photostories of each festival day, what I saw and what I chose to photograph. this second part is more streamlined and "official", since I set out to make more images than I was making in the first days. moreover, there were more parties to photograph, and a little non-festival incident which took place on saturday night - a surprise molotov attack on a police station.

the festival's saturday night party was taking place a couple of roads away from the acropolis police station, so when I heard the ruckus I just followed the noises and the burning smell, which led me straight to the police station. there was great commotion, what with policemen trying to keep people away, people trying to walk down the road (it is one of the busiest roads on a saturday night, after all), and the sound of the fire engines' sirens coming up. I managed to snap away a few images, presented in the end of the saturday photostory.

you should also check out snapshots, part I, which covers the first half of the festival.


tuesday 25/09/2012


wednesday 26/09/2012


thursday 27/09/2012


friday 28/09/2012


saturday 29/09/2012 - greek awards ceremony


sunday 30/09/2012 - closing night