athens international film festival 2012 - snapshots, part I


I have been photographing the athens international film festival (opening nights) for the past four years, but I never posted any images. this year I decided to post some of them. this is not a complete coverage of the festival, since the festival takes place in three cinemas and I cannot be in all of them simultaneously. moreover, there are parties, special screenings and really different lighting among the three venues... therefore, some days are more "fruitful" than others. I do not necessarily follow the "official" action around, thus I consider these photos as snapshots, moments of the festival and the people who associate with it.

the following photographs are little daily stories, a series of images from the first six days of the festival. six more days remain until the end, so this is snapshots part I, and there will be a snapshots part II next monday.


wednesday 19/09/2012 - opening night


thursday 20/09/2012


friday 21/09/2012


saturday 22/09/2012


sunday 23/09/2012


monday 24/09/2012