a disjointed story

note to viewer

photography is a form of psychotherapy. loading a roll of film in a camera, walking around, snapping away when you feel like it, not doing anything when you don't feel like it, finishing the roll after days or weeks, the mystery of the soon-to-be-developed images, the anticipation, the excitement.

the realisation that you shot so many different themes in just 36 frames. a disjointed feeling, how do all these fit together? how does your life fit together? so many different themes, sometimes.

how do you present them? do you wait months, years, for the themes to build up in order to unveil a finished product? or do you just present the images as they come, roll by roll, incoherent, incomplete?

photography is my psychotherapy. it keeps my mind ticking. I'll continue roll by roll, presenting loose, unconnected themes. some day I'll try to connect them, to make a cohesive story out of a million puzzle pieces. some day, hopefully, I will understand. some day I hope you'll understand, too.

all of the following images were shot on a single roll of fuji superia 400, with the olympus xa, during june 2012.

three parts, maybe two-and-a-half themes. oh, and there's one missing.


part I


part II


part III