matisse present paper door, 02/06/2012


...the good people over at fotografos magazine gave me the new fuji rangefinder camera for a review, and I decided to go straight for the kill - concert photography, no backup dSLR camera.

all of the following images were shot with the fuji x-pro1 and the fujinon 18mm/f2, apart from images 5, 6 & 7, which were shot with the fujinon 35mm/f1.4. all images were shot in raw format, iso 3200, wide apertures (f2-f2.8). the raw files were converted to dng through the latest adobe dng converter, then the dng files were processed in the same way I process all my concert photos. all of them were pushed a bit on post-processing, the ones with extreme low light were pushed more than one stop. I will be writing a review of this camera, about how it performs in low-light and fast-paced situations, so stay tuned.



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