allaboutmusic interview portraits

...some time ago my dear friend Iro Andreou called me up with a proposal - she would start a series of interviews for the music website and she wanted me to accompany her and document these interviews. all of them were about greek musicians and most of them, due to tight time schedules, would take place during the night. I instantly said yes, firstly because I enjoy working with musicians and secondly because night is my native photographic environment, although I knew I would have forget my beloved analog cameras and stick to digital equipment (which, let's face it, is much better when it comes to darkness). ...and here are the resulting images up until today, namely the following artists: monsieur minimal, marietta fafouti, tilemachos moussas, giorgis christodoulou, simon bloom, marika klambatsea, thanos anestopoulos. you can also check each artist's interview (greek language, couldn't be anything else) in the link under their name.

monsieur minimal

[christos' interview]

marietta fafouti

[marietta's interview]

tilemachos moussas

[tilemachos' interview]

giorgis christodoulou

[giorgis' interview]

simon bloom

[simon's interview]

marika klambatsea

[marika's interview]

thanos anestopoulos

[thanos' interview]