ella-s fashion atelier

spent last evening trying to organize my archive, and I came upon a photoshoot I had done for fashion designer ella-s. this was back in early 2010 and I wasn't too strong with analog then, so I went with digital for the main photoshoot. still, I snapped away one roll of black & white film with my mamiya c220 (this was also before I decided to clean it - during that process I screwed up the focusing plane... the camera is still out of order, I'm gonna have to send it for repair one of these days). there's no artificial lighting in these photos, I only used a reflector in some of them.

antonia kallimoukou is the wonderful model, I still remember her walking fully-dressed towards the grocery store in kolonaki and one woman exclaiming "my god, she's so beautiful". another guy mistook the whole wedding dress situation for a real wedding and wished her a full and happy life.

out of the 12 frames on the medium format roll, these came out nice...

...and here's the digital shots, for reference. now that I'm thinking about it, it's a shame I didn't shoot more film that day. I mean, I keep imagining the candle frames with film and they would have come out great... (to this day, I still can't choose between the two candle frames, so I'm presenting both.)