panoramic endeavors, some months ago I came across another cheap plastic toy camera, named vivitar pn2011. it is nothing special, sporting a 28mm/f8 lens and a fixed shutter speed of ~1/125 sec, but it has a "panoramic" mode which, when selected, crops the 35mm frame to a panoramic aspect. I thought "what the hell, it's only 15$", so I got it.

when it arrived, I loaded it up with a roll of long-expired agfa apx 100 and took a couple of weeks to finish 24 exposures (I can never finish a roll on time, heh). developed the film, scanned it and then... forgot about it... until yesterday: as I was looking through my files to compile a new portfolio on urban landscapes, I came across this film, so I decided to clean up some frames and put them on my blog. On to the images now.

...first I took this little camera on a walking tour around marousi: kifissias avenue, agios thomas and the sideroads of attiki odos. didn't give a lot of thought to the stuff I was photographing, really, since I was trying to finish a roll as soon as possible and see the resulting images.

...and then we went to rafina, to explore the spring seaside - a lot of good images were waiting for me there but I was preoccupied with the lomographic society's upcoming "time machine" exhibition and I was trying to get the best out of my holga - the resulting image was a good compensation.

...aaaand, that's all folks. I don't think I'll keep this one, it's very similar (but less wide angle) to my vivitar ultra wide & slim, and I wasn't really impressed with the panoramic mode. It crops a lot of film and the remaining film area is not enough for a decent scan and big enough prints. I'd prefer to throw some hundred euros in the direction of a 6x9 medium format camera than cope with cropped 35mm film.