diary of a plastic camera

...imagine a camera. it's small, it's cheap, it's plastic, it has an ultra wide lens that doesn't really have any sharpness. it's called vivitar ultra wide & slim. imagine the film in it, an expired, 24-exposure, bargain drugstore film that's named polaroid 200 and actually has "return to wal-mart for development" written on the back. imagine a guy carrying the camera around for more than a month and not being able to finish the 24 exposures. imagine what this camera's diary entry would look like... no, wait... I'll just show you the pictures.

in antonis tritsis park

marietta's "don't stop" video

gotta love the little doggies, though they ate our sandwiches

spent my two hours with the cast and off we go again

in a little village far away from athens

in barcelona we trust