new greek wave, cinema magazine, issue 219

On November 2010 I did a number of portraits for issue 219 of Cinema magazine, together with dear Marina Nalbanti. The article, aptly named "New Greek Wave", was about new people appearing in Greek cinematography, directors, writers, producers, a total of 77 persons being interviewed across 40 pages in the magazine.

In order to keep a consistent style through all the portraits, we settled on using our Holga & Diana medium format cameras. However, I decided to bring along my Mamiya C220 since it is always nice to have a real camera, with selectable shutter speeds and a fast lens, as a backup to the quirky lomography beasts.

I kept all these photos in my archive for quite a while and now, with the next issue of Cinema magazine about to be published, I thought it was high time to select a few and post them in my blog. Some of the portraits are double - I was taking photos both with the Holga/Diana and the Mamiya, and by looking at the totally different feeling each camera can create, there's only one thing that can be deduced: the best camera is the one you're taking pictures with.  

(christos karakepelis)

(stelios charalambopoulos)

(gerasimos rigas)

(marco gastine)

(alexis kardaras)

(panos karkanevatos)

(stratos tzitzis)

(babis makridis)

(giannis fagkras)

(giannis oikonomidis)

(aliki danezi-knutsen)

(antonis kokkinos)

(anestis charalambidis)